I’m a creative artist with a technical mind. Although I’m passionate about story-telling, touching hearts and making an impact in the world, I know that by taking a technical supporting role I can often help other people I believe in create something amazing.



Fluent and knowledgeable in Python 2.x & 3.x. Experienced with creating web apps using Flask, Peewee, writing Blender plugins, file management & automation. Some experience with Django, gevent, unittest&nose, readthedocs, coverage, etc.


Experienced with Javascript for front-end development, I’m quite happy working in ‘raw’ JS without libraries/frameworks, or using one if it makes sense to. I’m familiar with jQuery, mithril.js (very cool), and knockout.js (under-rated), and I’ve also done small test projects using other major libraries including Angular, React, and backbone.js.


I’ve created sites in PHP with and without frameworks, and also have written a few wordpress themes from scratch and several complex bespoke plugins for clients, including a donation-form talking to a french bank business API.


Some experience and a ‘reader’s knowledge’ of the usuals: C, perl, BASH, Make, SQL, Ruby, Java. I love learning new languages and ways of thinking, and have played with Clojure, Go, Perl6, Rust, and Haskell, amongst others. I’d love a chance to use them in production!



I’ve maintained various *nix servers over the years, generally for web. Experienced with Ansible, interested in Docker. Comfortable in CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian. I value simplicity, security, and being able to understand the full stack. I’m confident writing shell scripts, but much prefer python once a certain level of complexity is reached. I’m currently most familiar with stacks based on nginx, php-fpm, uwsgi, mysql & sqlite.


I’m used to maintaining a suite of OSX based video editing machines for several editors, including desiging and overseeing backups, synchronising, archiving and data-management. For code I prefer using git, either self-hosted or using github, bitbucket or similar for a sane workflow.



I love visual story telling, and as well as some experience with graphics for print, mainly do web work (HTML, CSS, LESS, SVG, etc.), and a lot of experience video editing, some with 3D set design and Visual Effects, directing, producing, interviewing, and location camera and lighting. I’m totally happy on either side of the lens, either acting, interviewing people, or recording, filming and directing a shoot.


I frequently run Front-of-House at various conferences, and am happy using and teaching analogue and digital desks. I’ve been most recently mixing mainly on Yamaha M7CL and LS9s, and Allen and Heath Qu32 digital consoles. Teaching sound is a lot of fun too.


Code for your perusal

My github page

My bitbucket page

Some of my video production work:


I was the director and producer of this and a couple other pieces. Myself and two cameramen travelled in 3 cities in Albania, meeting the OM team there, interviewing them, and finding out a lot of what they’re up to.

The Night Show

Currently still unreleased, “almost done”, I was the 3D set design and animator, did all the 3D compositing, and helped with a lot of the 2D compositing and editing. I also did the sound recording and initial scratch mix for the puppeteers.

Matt’s Blog

A 12 part video blog from ‘Matthew the Tax Guy’ about the certain teacher he met who messed up his life. I’m the main actor, and also co-wrote it, and helped with editing.

OM 50 years in Poland - an unusual history

I worked as senior editor on this project, helping Moray to bring together many different interviews into a single history presentation.